Random Roaming in the bush

DSC00824DSC00833DSC00860DSC00863DSC00864DSC00868DSC00875DSC00878DSC00879DSC00892DSC00899\DSC00901DSC00903DSC00921\DSC00927DSC00940DSC00950DSC00957DSC00959DSC00963DSC00968DSC00978DSC00984My high school friend Andrea visited home recently and had a great idea to revive an old tradition of ours. When we were younger and lived in the New York metropolitan area, we developed a series of limes, just us two, called “Random Roaming” in which we would just walk around and explore different areas of the city.

In the meantime since that has happened, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat have blown up and I’m sure our city Random Roaming would have gotten so much more exciting…had we both not moved away. Anyway when she came to Trinidad her one request was that we do some Random Roaming and so I immediately suggested the Caroni Bird Sanctuary where I had wanted to go for some time because I had never been.

SO! Other people will not adequately prepare  you for this experience so here, I will.

There are two things to remember

  1. The swamp is beautiful and is an experience to be remembered. You head out on little boats in the afternoon to view the migration of the Scarlet Ibis’ (for those who don’t know, these are Trinidad’s national birds and a deep pinky red). You also get to experience a pretty bomb sunset. It’s extremely serene and a wonderful way to get in touch with the natural wonders of Trinidad and Tobago, but if you’re looking for a fireworks and action kind of trip, this is not it. Popular with birdwatchers we also noted how great it would be for an alternative marriage proposal spot. Our guide told us that one brave couple actually had gotten married out in the swamp with all the guests sitting in boats.
  2. There are mosquitos. Okay this may seem obvious, but there are the kind of mosquitos that will bite you through your clothing. I thought I was having mad foresight by wearing sneakers (note: we never left the boat), but had on shorts like a FOOL. Two layers of mosquito repellent meant NOTHING to these creatures and I was bitten in places that I had never been bitten before (who has ever had a mosquito bite on their clavicle *raises hand*). Don’t be like me. I go through these things so you don’t have to.

All in all this was an experience I loved, showing me once again the pockets of interesting places that Trinidad has to explore. Will be back (in pants!) soon.

Photography: Kyle Walcott Photography

Shirt: Nastygal; Bad Idea Shorts: H&M ; Sunglasses: Quay Australia, available at ASOS

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