La Brea


I just returned home from a lovely trip to the southwest USA. One thing I love about visiting the States is the availability of things. Unlike in Trinidad, where one sometimes has to go to multiple different groceries in order to make one recipe, everything is available to you in the You Ess of Aye. […]

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Sobo Road


  On the way to the Pitch Lake the other day the team and we took a wrong turn and stumbled into Narnia. This post is just a reminder that sometimes you find the most wonderful discoveries when you don’t make it  where you intended to. Photography: Kyle Walcott Photography Jumpsuit,, similar here    

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Woodbrook Wall


This is a blue wall in Woodbrook that I pass all the time. I stopped to look at it for longer than the usual 3o milliseconds a couple weeks ago and truly appreciated its vibrant colours along with the purple bushy things. That’s what this blog is about, really, finding beauty in unexpected places, and […]

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Random Roaming in the bush


\\My high school friend Andrea visited home recently and had a great idea to revive an old tradition of ours. When we were younger and lived in the New York metropolitan area, we developed a series of limes, just us two, called “Random Roaming” in which we would just walk around and explore different areas […]

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The Meadow


\ My birthday is coming up in two weeks. And what I’ve discovered, no matter how hard I try to avoid this whole being an adult thing, it jus keeps sneaking up on me, though I don’t recall attending any meetings or signing any contracts saying I wanted this to happen (if I can still […]

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