36 hours in barbados

Who would have thought 36 hours in Barbados could prove so completely inspirational?
First of all, getting to visit a place I love for the last time in a long while was surely welcome and (as always) I had the warmest of Bajan hosts and the most hilarious Trini friends to ensure that my “see ya soon” to Barbados (and my belated birthday weekend) were memorable and amazing.

This weekend also highlighted for me how right the grad programme I’m pursuing will be for me. A trip to Limegrove’s luxury stores, escorted by the Marketing Manager herself, confirmed once again that my interest is beyond aspiration, and the rarefied air and the heady opulence of the high end is indeed where I belong (isn’t that the most obnoxiously snobbish thing you’ve ever read?!)

But most of all, seeing friends I made in college and being able to relate to them years later (getting. so. old.) has energized me to go and do it all over again but now armed with the strength of a Rachel (ray-CHEL), the zeal and positivity of a Khalil and the unflappable classiness of a Sue Ann.

Thank you all for an amazing 36 hours and an amazing post birthday celebration.

Pics to follow!

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