First Impressions…

We’re doing pretty well in Shanghai so far. It’s a big city but easy to get around and I am extremely impressed with the cleanliness and efficiency of the Metro system. It has fast become my favourite means of travel.
This may also be due to the fact that I am learning (quickly) about the hierarchy of Shanghai road traffic. Buses are number one. Followed by vehicles (who can turn right on red without yielding to ANYONE). I have had to say a few prayers in taxis so far, which on the upside are extremely easy to catch and affordable. But today we were in one in traffic and the driver literally pulled in his side mirror because all the other cars were so close. Nervous Nancy is Not Comfortable.  Anyway, next on the hierarchy are scooters, the higher cc the engine, the better. They can drive in the main roadway, in the designated scooter/ bike lanes and on the sidewalks if they please. Finally there are bikes.

Pedestrians do not register on this hierarchy. Pedestrians always have the WRONG of way in Shanghai. Lol my Daddy did not send me here to get knocked down by a scooter. So pray for me.

It’s an extremely fascinating city so far and quite unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. Please enjoy the pics!

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