Reflective Writing

My favourite photograph of my Mummy

Sooo…we hadda do dis ting for school called Reflective Writing where we capture our thoughts and feelings about our experience and our future plans by keeping a journal or writing a blog. So I GUESS every so often I will shift gears from the Shanghai beauty tidbits to write something a lil more personal (ugh!) in this section. Feel free to avert your eyes.

Anyhoo, I thought an interesting way to start would be to REFLECT on the WRITING (see what I did there) that got me into this programme to begin with, the Motivation Letter I wrote to them about why I wanted to study Luxury Brand Management to begin with. I felt like this would also be a good thing for anyone reading the blog who still isn’t entirely too sure what I’m doing over here or why I’m doing it.

And though it’s going to make me feel like peeling off my skin to know that people I actually know are reading this, I hope you enjoy it!

My mother passed away in 1998 before I had a chance to get to know her very well as a human being. IN those short years, however, she managed to instill in me her tastes and distastes, her likes and dislikes, her hobbies, her passions and many of her flaws. It is from her that I gained my love of beautiful things, of luxury and of travel. My mother would hoard beauty products in a cardboard box in a closet, which she would use over the months and replenish every time she traveled to London, San Francisco or New York. The box was filled with products from the high end to the low and she ruled over our household’s personal care dispensary with an iron fist. In it, one could find three bottles of her favourite Prescriptives fragrance, Fashion Fair eye shadows, Keri body oil, fragrant Roger & Gallet soaps and a plethora of multicoloured toothbrushes.

When I turned 13, my mother purchased my first perfume for me, Worth’s Je Reviens. It was also the first fragrance she had worn as a teenager. I had never heard of it, but little did I know that she was gifting me a piece of history of the industry I would grow up to want to be a part of. I had no idea that you weren’t anyone in the 1940’s or 1950’s if you weren’t wearing Je Reviens. In the late 1990’s I was happy enough to be allowed to wear perfume at all.

Though she wasn’t around, her love for beautiful things continued to permeate my family and I. It is because of her influence that I am intrigued by how blends of nature and science combine to form the notes of fine fragrance, how legacy and handiwork imbue items with value and prestige. I entered the beauty industry directly from college, with my first job as a cosmetic chemist and it is in beauty that I learned to unleash my personal brand of creativity.

I am inherently curious and with that quality comes a love of learning, of languages and of travel. The MBA/Masters Luxury Brand Management programme at IFA immediately stood out to me because of its multi-continental appeal. For me, a programme that takes place in three different cities is an easy choice. Being a fashion oriented university, as opposed to a business school, made it even more attractive because I knew there would be a creative approach taken to instruction as opposed to simply theoretical.

Being a citizen of an unlikely place and a rare luxury enthusiast, the emerging markets are of particular interest to me. Upon graduation, I am eager to work in an emerging consumer nation such as China or Brazil so I can discover the cues that a market is ready to embrace luxury.

I now have my own personal stockpile of cosmetics secreted away in my house and whenever I visit it I remember my mother. Beauty is my business and I belong in the industry that creates women out of girls and mothers out of daughters.

8 thoughts on “Reflective Writing

  1. ‘Beauty is my business and I belong in the industry that creates women out of girls and mothers out of daughters.’ – Beautiful. That’s one of the most sincere and beautiful things I’ve ever read about the beauty industry. I was wondering what you were up to in Shanghai/Florence/Paris. You’re going to ace everything.

  2. You know this, but I’ll keep saying it. I’m immensely proud of you and happy to see your passion unfold into something greater than yourself. Keep it up Kas!

  3. I actually enjoying reading all your pieces, thanks for sharing. Great post by the way! Your down to earth and beautiful personality is truly radiating. Wishing you all the BEST in your studies, I know you’ll do extremely well 🙂

    Looking forward to more of your travel and adventures as you take the world by storm as a Caribbean woman.


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