What I’ve Been Up To

So I realize I could be doing a better job of keeping people updated at what I am doing outside of school. I am actually doing other things than just going to Watson’s and buying cosmetics. The Instagram pics on my FB don’t give a lot of background. Sooooo here’s the last 5 weeks in pics!!

It all started around Golden Week…the 7 day holiday celebration which celebrates the concurrence of China’s National Day (October 1st) and the Mid-Autumn festival. It’s a time that is about as popular for travel as Thanksgiving is in the USA.

Basically we went to one of my roommate’s friend’s birthday party and met all his friends from another business school here, Hult University who all turned out to be the sweetest people ever and we hung out with them for most of Golden Week and every week since.

This is a Shanghai street crossing during Golden Week. The human chain in the middle is the po-po. This is the crossing of The Bund and East Nanjing Road, two major roads in Shanghai. They made the PAVEMENT of East Nanjing Lu one way for pedestrian traffic on each side. THATS how many people it was.
The whole group (boys included) then purchased light up ears and walked the length of East Nanjing Road. Girls: Trini, Syrian, Turkish. Boys: Swiss, Lebanese, Italian, Indonesian, Indian. We got asked for a LOT of pictures.
Case in point.

Other things we did for Golden Week:

…Brunch and picnics in the park where we make friends with Asian babies…

Easily my favourite picture of all time.

…To the Shanghai amusement park where my friends waited 2 and a half hours for one rollercoaster (because of the holiday crowds)…

A rollercoaster that is apparently well worth the wait

…And where this happened….

Other non Golden week activities included:

…Going to the opening of the Shanghai Forever 21…

Level ppl.

…exploring luxury stores…

Louis Vuitton shop window. In my programme LV isn’t even really considered true luxury because “anybody can get it”. I swear. They’re not joking.

…Discovering charming parks…


… and of course eating…

Inevitably, of course, I got sick randomly a Sunday. I went to a pharmacy, pointed at my throat (which was completely sore and painful) and they gave me these badboys.

I was so skeptical, but pretty much within two days, I was cured. I doh know anything in the West that FIXES a sore throat. I am bringing some of these amazing Chinese crazy pills home with me!

Long story short, I’m having a great time. No need to worry (Bella lol) and pretty much most of the time in Shanghai I look like this:

lol. isn’t this the craziest face EVER!

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