Kathryn’s Christmas Wishes

So I know everyone must be agonizing over what to get me for Christmas and I get it….lol.

But just in case you needed a hint for someone else that’s NOT actually me…here’s what I am salivating over this Xmas in all price points. Maybe it will help you get some inspiration for the fashionista in your life.

1. The Clarisonic Mia2 Holiday Pore-fection Collection – $149

Clarisonic Mia2 Sonic Skin Cleansing Holiday Pore-fection Collection

It’s certainly a mouthful but it’s worth it. We’re currently working on a project for Clarisonic at school and the students with the winning presentation gets Clarisonic goodies. But I’m sold. Even if I don’t have the best project at school, I am about to buy one of these wondrous sonic innovations that cleans your skin so well that it makes your other skin care products work BETTER. The key is sonic oscillation as opposed to jus plain old garden variety rotation. Available at www.sephora.com or www.clarisonic.com.

2. MacBook Air – 11″ – $995


My poor little Netbook has been fighting the good fight but this is the most work it’s ever had to do and I fear it jus cyah make. I think this is a decent replacement ent?  Lol. Available at www.apple.com

3. Michael Kors Slim Saffiano Sleeve for MacBook Air 11″ – $99.95Michael kors Sleeve

I’m not ashamed to admit that the case sold me on the computer. Available at www.apple.com or www.michaelkors.com.

4. Schutz Sherman Pumps – $239.95

schutz sherman

I’ve had a mild obsession with this Brazilian shoe brand since it started working with some of my favourite bloggers earlier this year (I’m such a victim of the fashion system). They just opened their first NYC flagship but these are also available at www.nordstrom.com

5. River Island grey Rihanna Sweatshirt – 30.00 GBP

rihanna sweater

Yeah. It’s that real. Available at www.riverisland.com

6. Isabel Marant Jenny boots – $565


My hope is that sneaking these beauties into the middle of the list would help people gloss over the price tag. Available at www.net-a-porter.com

7. Zara Yoko Ono T-Shirt – $29.90

yoko tshirt

Iconic. And Affordable. Available at www.zara.com

8. Vans Guate Stripe Slip On Lo Pro – $54.99vansguate

So festive. So comfy! Available at www.vans.com

9. Brian Lichtenberg Feline Sweater – $98.00


Too clever to be imitation. Lol also will accept the “Homies” sweatshirt. Available at www.brianlichtenberg.com

10. Chipotle Gift Card – a million dollars


Nuff said. Available at all Chipotle outlets.

7 thoughts on “Kathryn’s Christmas Wishes

  1. Definitely considering a Clarisonic. Almost all the beauty gurus I follow on YT have been singing its praises, and while I don’t have problem skin per se, it never hurts to be extra clean. I fuxx with Riri so that River Island sweatshirt is a must.

    1. From what I Understand Clarisonic isn’t for problem skin- its for skin period. I personally want it for makeup removal cause im a lazy face washer. Lol

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