Greed: Luxe Carnival

With the ever rising prices of the Carnival experience, I keep joking that there may be a market for my degree in Trinidad after all. The amount of money I have spent in the past eight years on costumes alone could probably have bought me a lovely starter collection of high end accessories which I would still have today.

As everybody knows I’m not going to be in Trinidad for Carnival this year but in all my trolling of luxury items that I can’t afford I can’t help notice how carnival-esque they can get, while, ironically, being totally inappropriate for a Carnival experience. So here I present to you my suggestions for an heiress’ Carnival kit.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way suggesting that these are appropriate items for the average person t play mas in.

The Face
Half lashes, half jewelry, half eyewear. Yes I know that’s one and a half but these dramatic beauty looks defy the laws of Math.

One of my most favourite screenshots ever. Harper’s Bazaar.
Crystal Lashes by DanniJo. Image courtesy Dannijo Instagram page (

The Monday Wear
Who needs to spend time and effort bloodying and burning their fingers as they glue and stud Monday wear when a studded bodysuit is so easy to find?!

This Norma Kamali maillot will set you back USD $450 at Barneys and TTD $150 at your favourite bikini waxer. Image courtesy
$225 at Nasty Gal. Image courtesy
Rhinestones, mesh, and near nakedness SCREAM Carnival. This price, however, does not. Norma Kamali Nude Double Layer Mesh Body Suit with Silver Stones – USD $950. Image courtesy

The Bag
A metallic cross body is the only way to store the vex money in 2013.

Stella McCartney Bronze and Gold Shoulder Bag – 830 Euro. Image courtesy
Laurence Heller Embroidered Sequins Cotton Straw Clutch is a STEAL at 69.00 Euro. Image courtesy
Perfect Road Style. Jimmy Choo Caro Glitter Fabric Shoulder Bag. 295.00 Euro. Image courtesy
Okay seriously. This Burberry bag is not a joke. I actually want this emeffer. Burberry Prorsum Metallic textured-leather shoulder bag – USD $895.00. Image courtesy
It’s not a bag. It’s a Baguette. And this one is clearly ready to have a party all on it’s own. The cost? Three. Thousand. Euro. Image courtesy
Marc by Marc Jacobs Phone in a Box leather shoulder bag. Nuff said. USD $260.00. Image courtesy

The Sneakers
Forget the played out slouchy suede boots (please!) What goes out must come back in and sneakers, both flat and with invisible wedges, are still having a moment in fashion. Because of that you can find a variety of fancy shiny glittery and fashion forward kicks to match your costume.

Limited edition Nike New York sneaker wedges (I’m assuming they’re Sky High Dunks. Correct me if I’m wrong) I’ve been seeing making the rounds on Instagram lately. Image courtesy
Michael Kors Gold Metallic Glam studded High Top – USD $195.00. Image courtesy
Forgive the poor screenshot. Jimmy Choo Glitter-finished leather sneakers – USD $465.00. Image courtesy
Screenshot of Tod’s AMAZING jeweled loafers. Price upon request. You know what that means…
Miu Miu Glitter Finish High Top sneakers – USD $550.00. Image courtesy

The Jewels

These baubles signal the end of rushing to Wonderful World to pile up your hands with cheap bracelets which stain your arms on Monday and Tuesday (guilty).

I pulled this image from a couple weeks ago but I think it has since sold out. It wasn’t expensive though. I just included it because I love it.
DanniJo Wanderlust Arm Party. Regularly $850.00 but on sale for $595.00 at
Giuseppi Zanotti Gold Plated Brass Body Chain. 605.00 Euro. Image courtesy
Jacquie Aiche 14K Pave Diamond Indian Snake Body Chain. USD $2,565.00. I have no words. Image courtesy

3 thoughts on “Greed: Luxe Carnival

  1. I think you could get away with offering these accoutrements to FL masqueraders. Probably have to find more affordable pieces of course (since you will have to make a profit at some point) but why the hey not. Better yet, I’m sure you could collaborate with a designer, Solange S-G, Hordatt or ELA Designs to incorporate some more high end pieces for selected customers. I like the idea of pushing it to the next level. Great post as usual! And doh bun meh eye with anything that is three thousand euro or price upon request PLEASE 😛

  2. lol love this post, that Jacquie Aiche 14K Pave Diamond Indian Snake Body Chain will go great with my Monday wear! Thanks for the heads up!

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