Pride: My Carnival Looks Through The Years

Soooo I may have mentioned before that I won’t be home for Carnival this year. When I mentioned that to people over the period of time I was home the general reaction was: “what?! YOU??!!” Thanks a lot guys. And I continued the self torture by going through all my old Carnival pics last night. You’ll notice the title of the post is Pride (continuing this week’s Deadly Sin theme that started with Greed, Lust and soon…Vanity). And that’s cause I am proud of all my Carnival looks, because I do put a lot of energy into them because its fun for me and I am passionate about it. Monday and Tuesday are the highlight of my Carnival season and I love preparing for them. My hairdresser’s assistants hate me on Carnival Saturday cause I always coming to do “some craziness” but my makeup artists love me cause they know that they can suggest some outlandish shit to me and I will do it (like completely blocking my eyebrows with wax putty and making jeweled eyebrows over them).

That being said, I am not necessarily the most high maintenance Carnivalista either. I wore the same sneakers for three years (2006-2008) and the same boots in 2011 and 2012 (boots which i continue to wear as a general part of my wardrobe btw). If i do my own lashes one corner of one eye will always unstick. After All the work I put into my Carnival kit I generally ruin the overall effect with stockings that are sneaking up above (or below lol) my waistband. In 2009 the stockings kept getting caught up on the rhinestones on my costumes and by about 2 pm there were huge holes on my thighs. My friend ended up bussing the whole thing open and I had to roll the legs down into my boots and the tops up into my panty for the rest of the day. Not cute.

But I am proud regardless. I am proud that after convincing my friends to all wear monokinis for Monday wear in 2008 (believe me it wasn’t the easiest sell) one piece Monday wear became a trend and then a staple. (Don’t front. Y’all know we were the first movers on that shit). There was the infamous Spice Mas incident (see below). And who could forget the jeweled lips of 2012.

Anyway I hope you all have an amazing Carnival 2013 and I encourage you to take risks with your looks but not with your life. And when I step back on that road in 2014 allyuh better be ready. I’m. Jus. Sayin.

P.S. I am feeling for my NY peeps whose flights got cancelled due to the snowstorm. It’s one thing to not be able to go home from the start, but to have the will and means, fully prepare and then nature gets in the way? Truly truly sucks. My fingers are crossed for you guys!

Can’t remember when I got the memo that it was no longer cool to wear your costume on Carnival Monday. This is 2006.

The original butterfly costume. The first Frontline. It cost $4595, the price of a backline costume then. I remember that everyone said they would NEVER pay that much for a Carnival cosutme. Lol *snort*

Does even still exist anymore? Anyway this is a great picture. My bottom two wings had broken off and I was waving them like a Bele skirt. TIghts in sight #1.

2007. Last time I wore a wife beater on Monday.

Yo this bottom piece was like a full skirt. Fireman. This was also the year of Cow Mas that Tribe thinks I have forgotten BUT I HAVEN’T!

My very first bodysuit. Lol Carnival Monday 2008.

Isis OPTION A from the back.

Carnival Monday 2009. Short Hair Don’t Care that my tights are slightly visible (#2)!

An image found on the internet on page 17 (probably page 57 by now) when you google “Trinidad Carnival” by some amateur photog. Has been used on a random fete invite. I was never paid lol.

Spangled Cotinga FL. One of my favourite costumes that I earned the HARD way by obsessively being the first to register online. I think this remains the most I have ever paid for a costume. PLEASE note the tights holes. Shame (#3)


Cotinga Tail.

Starting to get serious about Monday wear. Hooded bodysuit 2010.

AND THEN THIS HAPPENED. Spice Mas August 2010.

First year getting my makeup professionally done and possibly one of the nicest Carnival pics of me ever taken. Also my first year getting my makeup professionaly done. Hmm. Zari 2010.


2011. Iroquois. Best fitting costume ever!
Carnival Monday 2012. Oh lawd watch the tights (I really didnt give a shit) !!! lol #7
Sequins are the new glitter.
This picture sums it up quite nicely.
The makeup. It took forever but my makeup artist (Miles of Beauty) was so happy to have somebody adventurous enough to do it. Carnival Tuesday morning 2012.
The Runway Indiviual! Carnival Tuesday 2012! LOVE LOVE LOVED this costume. So low maintenance. Other than the body chain that Anya and I made WITHOUT lobster clasps that kept un-tinging all day this costume was the most elegant and LOW MAINTENANCE one I’ve ever worn. It looked just as good in the morning as it did outside Last Lap. It still hangs in my closet because I am GOING to do something with that fabric. Oh and Tights Sighting #…I lose count…

And jus for giggles ( ppl prob gonna hate me for this lol)

Fortune. Harts 2000.
Uh Rain? What was the name of this section? Anyway Harts 2001. We had to CUT that fringe and it was still that long.

Bahia Girls. 2002 Harts and one of my all time faves.


2 thoughts on “Pride: My Carnival Looks Through The Years

  1. I just stumbled on your blog, love your pics you look gorgeous in all of them, judging from the condition of your stockings it seems you really play your mas and not just stand around looking pretty; I love it.

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