Spring Break: Naples

I went on a big spring break road trip through the south of Italy and France ohhhh a month and a half ago and I’ve been sooo late on posting pics because there were so many and the sheer bigness of it all intimidated me. So finally I just decided to post my favorite pic day by day from each place to give an general overview of the trip.

From Florence my friend, Kemide (who had come to visit from NYC) and I drove south to Naples (4-5 hour drive) which I immediately discovered was one of the grimier cities I’ve been to, and of course we were staying in the grimiest part of it (close to the train station for future travelers…AVOID!) in quite a nice hotel. Needless to say I wanted to take few pics. Here’s the one I did from the hotel rooftop.

Melody Ehsani earrings.


One thought on “Spring Break: Naples

  1. I stopped in Naples for 1 day on a cruise. It’s one of the sketchier places I’ve visited. One of my dad’s co-workers got scammed by this guy on a bike who ‘sold’ him an ‘iphone’ (it was an empty box) and then got into a fist fight with same crook later in the day. The taxi driver who drove us to Pompei told us Naples is one of the two remaining cities run by the Mafia (the other being Sicily). I believe him.

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