Loving Paris

The obligatory Paris sunset pic. This taken between some buildings on the corner of Rue Quincampoix in Beaubourg.

It really took a while for Paris to grow on me.

We have been plagued by the coldest winter and summer that most people can remember here. Literally I couldn’t wear sandals until this week. So of course I never wanted to go outside. People are smelly. I don’t speak French half as well as I thought. There’s no air conditioning (because of course on the odd days that it is hot, it’s like hellfire and brimstone). And just breathing is super expensive. I remember when I first got here feeling like my little bit of money just evaporated into thin air.

But despite all this, I literally woke up one day some weeks ago, and realized that I had fallen in love with this city full of smelly people. (Seriously, it was just like that moment in Clueless when Cher realizes that she’s “butt crazy in love with Josh” as shes’s sitting on the steps and Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” fades out and golden fountains start spouting).

And my favourite thing to do in the city is walk. I feel like Paris is a city full of juicy little secret amazing things to do and see (for free!) and walking around helps you ferret them out. In fact, I don’t think three months is enough time to discover everything that can be discovered here, and I think I want to move back some time in the future (read: when I am rich) to live here for six months. A very specific 6 months mind you (March , post Carnival, to September, pre-Arctic tundra).

Until that happens I have taken some great pics on my strolls around Paris. Do enjoy!

The archways around the Place des Vosges.
The beautifulllll Museum of the History of Medecine in Rene Descartes University in the Latin Quartier.
Walking around the Rive Gauche.
The best view in drizzly weather. The Archives across the street. A heat lamp overhead.
On the steps of the Palais Royale.
At one of the amazing Art Nouveau bars at the Belle Epoque legend, Maxim’s on Rue Royale.
The sign outside Yves St Laurent’s apartment building on Rue de Babylone on the Rive Gauche.
Venturing into the Caves at the Parc Buttes Chaumont.
Tippy texting in les Passages Couvertes near Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
What’s Scarface in French?
In the gardens of Versailles.
Parisian windows I can really understand.
Some of the graffiti is amazing here.
Always looking up.
My favourite of all the (many) pics I’ve taken of it.
Buttes Chaumont Park is like Disney World.
Exploring the Library at the Pompidou Center. In heels.
More street art in my hood.
Me and my idol bike riding through the Versailles Gardens.

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