Briefly Back in NYC

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Hi! Remember me?

How has it been a month since I last posted anything?

Oh… I know. My June was really dominated by trips starting with New York (as the title suggests), followed by short trips to Tobago and Barbados. I ended up really tired and a bit emotionally drained and I’m just starting to recover from that. PLUS, all my pictures from these trips were taken by friends, which meant all the editing was my job. The procrastination was real. After I’m finally finished I’m realizing….I’m not a good photo editor lol.

Anyway, New York was a movie. I went with my friend Krista, for a weekend that was filled with entertainment and partying so you know all your shopping and errands get put off until your last day which exhausts you. These are the pictures from that day. My great friend Trixie (@bellatrisk) came with me and gamely took pictures of me while doing these last minute randomnesses (and also adventurously searched the bowels of a shady Canal Street building with me in search of pashminas for a friends wedding). The above pics are just a few highlights.

For me New York will always be the second home I have never actually lived in. I know I’ll end up there for an extended period of time some day, and I’m just trying to experience and be grateful for what I have (a lovely 10 year tourist visa, and the freedom to travel) without wasting energy being wistful about the things that I don’t (a beautiful well appointed brownstone and a cute French Bulldog to run around in it lol. Dont judge me).

What I do know is that the next time I visit it won’t be as short as five days. I’m already saving up for next Spring’s trip!

Photography: Takisha Griffith

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