Know Your Country 2014 – Mate-Not

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If I hear one more person complain that Trinidad is sooooo boring and there’s so little to do and that ‘everywhere’ you go you always see the same people, I will scream…in their face.

Not that they’re wrong. Living on a small island will always leave you faced with very limited options.

But it could be worse. We could be in St. Kitts. I’m sure there’s much less to do in St. Kitts. (To anyone reading this from St. Kitts, I apologize, I don’t actually mean that).

Living on a small island sometimes leaves you very limited in scope and creativity as well, however. And lazy. You can get very lazy. If it’s not within 12 minutes of your house, you refuse to go. “I don’t go past the lighthouse” is a real mindset. But as I’ve said on this blog, when you place those silly limitations on what you’re willing to do, then you will find yourself in a trap.

Anyway, it should be little surprise that when my friend Sean suggested we do a Know Your Country trip to Matelot I didn’t think twice. A whole group of us jumped on a maxi early one Saturday morning and headed off on on adventure.

First we stopped at the Galera Lighthouse in Toco, which I had never been to but have to return in some long dress diaphanous dress that blows in the wind. It’s literally the end of the island romantic and terrifying all at the same time. Selfies were taken,  and then we headed to our primary destination…

We really intended to reach Matelot eh, we really did.  But the road gods were against us. Forced to turn back,  we had lunch and a nap at Mission Bay followed by some deep existential convo and plenty sandfly bites. My friend Ryan Lee, whose birthday we were also celebrating, offered me these pics for the blog, which I gladly accepted.

By the end of the day it barely mattered that we hadn’t reached Matelot. Who can be disappointed when you’ve been drinking all day, your belly is full, and you’d listened to back to back  old school dancehall and 90’s R & B (my personal favorite genre) mixes all day? And now we have a reason to do another KYC ASAP.


Photography: Ryan Lee

Top & Pants both by Meiling.

4 thoughts on “Know Your Country 2014 – Mate-Not

  1. I’m reading this from St. Vincent and actually lol’d at your St. Kitts comment. When I was younger I often accompanied my father on business trips to Trinidad and remember being almost as excited to go as I would be for a New York summer vacation, so if St . Kitts is anything like St. Vincent your comment may not be too wrong.

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