THE Brown Cotton IRIS Photoshoot – Behind the Scenes

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So by now if you’re my Facebook or Instagram friend, you will have seen the photoshoot I worked on with Risanne Martin of Brown Cotton, because we literally social media spammed people with the images for a week or more. (If you haven’t seen the pics yet, they’re coming up in the next post).

What I want to highlight in this post is the behind the scenes amazingness that went on with this shoot. I don’t even know if I think that the final images truly illustrate the synergy that went  on on set. Everyone present was truly invested in creating great results, from photographer, to Risanne’s wonderful and supportive team of friends that she brought to assist us.

Risanne has an energy as well that is perfect for a production set of any nature. She easily diffuses tensions, makes sure that everyone is on equal footing and she FEEDS YOU!!!! A LOT! WITH WINE! I would be blessed if every shoot I worked on in Trinidad could be as professional and well organized as the one I did with her team.

Special mention also goes out to Ms. Kimi See Tai who literally had just come from a party and really was a trouper all day long. Thank you so much Kimi for making this shoot as beautiful as it was.

Photography: Kyle Walcott


Designer: Brown Cotton by Risanne Martin

Photography: Justin Ifill-Forbes

Stylist: Kathryn Nurse

Makeup: Arry Cruickshank

Hair: Kimbalene Blackman

Nail Art: Solange Richardson

All Jewelry by Rachel Rochford Jewelry

Flower Crowns: Sasha Ann Clement



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