Falling in Love with Riri Again…

It’s Fall!!

And as such it’s time for a new Rihanna Vogue Cover. A new Rihana album. A new Rihanna tattoo. A new Rihanna/ Chris Brown chapter.
Anyone who knows me is aware of the 5 year girlcrush I have had on Rihanna. Something happened over the last year where I lost a little interest. And I’m so unimpressed with the shit she’s getting into now. I’m tired seeing her middle finger. I’m tired of her letting ppl draw on her. And I’m COMPLETELY tired of Chris Brown. If I never have to hear about him again I won’t complain.

BUT, regardless of my opinion of her personally, it’s hard to deny she looks fuckin hot with this new haircut. I want.

All pics courtesy fuckyeahrihanna.com cause they’re the best and cause I was too lazy to look anywhere else.

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