Today’s Shanghai Beauty Buys

Ladies, it’s about that time. Y’all know when the head scarves and gel get involved, that can only mean one thing. I need to relax my hair…so it’s about to get ethnic up in here!! You know what I mean. That time when you get all ‘inventive’ with your hairstyles and get a lil heavy-handed on the makeup to distract from the follicular tragedy that goin on north of your neck.

The scarves from H&M are self explanatory…and oh so pretty!

VS Sassoon Strong Hold Tube Gel. Gel and water. Saving lives since the dawn of time.

I went into Watson’s today and picked up the one thing that looked like a leave-in cream and said “Moisturizing”. It also says “Elastic”. As in Watson’s BOUNCY CREAM: Moisturizing and Elastic. What does elastic mean? Do they mean flexible??? Well I guess elastic and moist better than brittle and dry.

Anyway moisturizing is most important because right now my hair so dry that I feel like if i rub a few strands together and blow on them they will catch fire. Oh what’s that? Think I’m “exaggerating”? Listen people, this is what I’m dealing with:

Oh God. And greasy too I just realized. And watch the eyebrows nah.
I know, I know, I should have given some warning or disclaimer before posting such a picture. Perhaps “Hair not suitable for children under 12” (Please don’t have your children looking like this!!) But I jus needed to show you how DIRE the situation is over here. Someone please send help. I not asking for no Moroccanoil here. I taking anyting at this point. Pink Oil Moisturizer HEAVY VERSION. Anything!

It occurred to me today as I stared at all the products in the Watson’s how lovely it must be to have a whole country worth of products specifically to cater to one ethnic group. Do black people have such a utopia? No, I’m not talking about a beauty supply store in the hood. I mean a whole mass of land where every store you walk into has a natural hair section as well as a little (large) corner for weave. Is this my version of heaven?? I think Marcus Garvey had the right idea yo. Where’s the Black Star Line? I wanna book a ticket!

Oh…and the socks are up there because its just a little personal coup to find socks here in my size. Not saying that they will fit…just that they purport to be my size.

Anyway, just so I don’t leave you with that horrific image above burned on to your corneas, I’ll provide a balanced view. I am not at the point yet where I can’t clean up pretty nice. This is me at school this morning.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Shanghai Beauty Buys

    1. GIRRLLLL YES! That Vidal Sassoon Gel flaked up like nobody’s business and made me look like I had some sort of dermatitis issue by the end of the day.

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