Inspired…Cool Jackets

I am from the islands. My jacket game is not on point. I haven’t had to pay attetion to Fall fashion for two years. And all the blogs I generally follow seem to be stuck in some strange state of perma-summer (either they’re all from Southern California OR some brand is always jetting them off to Sao Paulo/ Ibiza where they’re all like, “oh is it November somewhere?”…bitches). But I am obsessed with jackets at the moment. Specifically cool jackets. Jackets that combine the ever so trendy elements of leather, contrasting sleeves, tweed, varsity leanings, tailored fit, quilted-ness, jackets that are really rugged looking shirts….A cool jacket is the perfect way to make the simplest outfit look chic, or dress down a look that might be just a bit much.

I had to put some extra effort into doing some jacket research both online and in-person. Zara is really the winner in the cool jacket game this season stealing all the runway’s best trends and does THE BEST job at presenting them in ways that make you want to BE that girl on the website (this is very rare). Here are my findings…

(Btw, when researching for this post I realized my style blog rotation was shockingly lacking in colour. If anyone has any great black style blog or even better: Caribbean style blog recommendations send them my way!)

THE PERFECT COOL JACKET at H&M. I tried it on and loved it. It had all the elements:right colour, right fabrics, right sleeves, right fit (WRONG price, cause it was real leather it’s easily the most expensive item I’ve ever come across at H & M that wasn’t in a special collection: 1490 RMB = 1490 TTD = about $235 US). Along with the price being prohibitive it’s also the wrong time. This jacket is so trendy and sooo not warm I would need to wear it RIGHT NOW and probably would only get two weeks wear out of it before it got too cold. Sigh.
The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragni – HUGE Italian style blogger that I’m just getting into. Don’t know quite yet my feelings on her style but her jacket game is on point.

Sam looks fuckin cool.
Zara goes for Baroque.
Buttery neutrals.
A little sneak peek of H&M with Margiela – men’s jacket.
Great lines from Zara.
Love this chunky chain detail.
Texture and Spanish influence.

Jacket and details from Aimee Song
Leather and Feather.
Varsity Shift.
Double Duty.
Couple more from Chiara.

As for me, who doesn’t have designers sending me free shit…

The one I REALLY want from Zara. 699 RMB. Will be able to wear it for years…or as long as it lasts anyway lol. But then…
…but then I found this amazing reversible vest. 499 RMB. Tough decisions…My father is going to kill me. And the blog goes directly to his email. Hopefully he didn’t scroll down all the way.

See wayyyyy more on my Pinterest here.

Photo credits: Fashionista, Fashiontoast, Song Of Style, Zara, Karla’s Closet, Where Did U Get That, The Sartorialist, Jak & Jil, Street Peeper, Atlantic-Pacific, Sea of Shoes, The Blonde Salad.

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