Four Weeks Left

Me peeking out from under my dark cloud

Today marks four more weeks left in Shanghai.

And I appreciate that being here is a huge opportunity and blessing blah blah blah. But really yall I ready to go back to what I know. The last few weeks haven’t been easy for me  because of the confluence of losing my bracelet, not having the things I need and not being able to get them easily, the change of season (SADD anyone?), the coldest weather ever in Beijing and having to sit out the Great Wall (more on that later), the sudden urgent need to organize EVERYTHING for my Italian Visa (plane ticket, accommodation, insurance etc), midterms, deadlines here and at home, and managing all this with no reliable internet connection for OVER A WEEK!!!…it’s been tough.

However I am fully committed to making the most of the next four weeks, going down my to do list of things I want to do before I leave. I’m ready to shake off this funk and fill up my last few days here and knock out comatose with exhaustion on that flight back to NYC lol.

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