Private View: Testino

So as I mentioned before, my roommates and I were lucky enough to receive invitations to the opening of Mario Testino’s Shanghai show, “Private View” at the beginning of this month. The name was apt. This is probably the fashion-iest event that we’ve been to so far. And I don’t know why I was surprised to discover that Testino actually showed up to the thing. It was a big deal complete with yelling papparazzi, the Editor in Chief of Vogue China and other famous Chinese people (I presume). The best part was he was walking around with a little mini point and shoot camera taking his own personal pics of the event!

Jenni and Mario Testino

As I have said before China is super super accessible. My roommates were able to take pictures with him and a bunch of other interesting Chinese fashion characters at the event. And of course there were the photographs. The exhibition featured selections from Testino’s work snapping fashion editorials, celebrities and royals.  He’s credited with being instrumental in the success of Gisele Bundchen, and was the photog selected to take The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement pics. Some of my faves from the show:

This young lady right here was the style star of the evening for me btw.

For me most of the event included networking (all 5 black people at the event wanted to talk to me for some reason), drinking champagne, people watching and stalking Testino.

The highlight came at the end of the night when my classmates and I were standing in front of the step & repeat pretending to be celebrities (yes we were THOSE ppl at the fashion event…hideously un-chic) when I just felt a presence in the area behind me.

I turned around from where I was taking pictures of my roommate. I smiled. I posed. There was a flash.

And Mario Testino had taken a picture of me on his little camera.

That’s it.

He’s officially reached the apex of his career.

He can now retire.

Now some gratuitous pics of myself…

Oh and in case you haven’t seen Testino’s latest sexy S&M girl-on-girl, lingerie, naked photoshoot featuring Kate Moss and Rihanna…here u go!  (Photos courtesy

One thought on “Private View: Testino

  1. UGH! I HATE YOU! Testino is on my list of top 5 favourite fashion photographers. I would KILL to meet him. I am SO FREAKING JEALOUS!

    Also, you looked really chic 🙂

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