More Beauty Notes from Shanghai

First of all I can’t believe I’ve never blogged about THESE before. (sorry for the blurry pic. Everyone in China always asks me to stop taking pics before I can get useable ones.)

THESE are eyelash adhesive strippy things that Asian girls use to create a crease in their eyelid (I just learned from Wikipedia that apparently an eyelid without a crease is called a monolid…don’t say I never taught you anything). I guess every ethnicity has a characteristic or two they weren’t born with that they really want to achieve, and this is one of those for Chinese girls. Basically how it works is that they stick these on their eyelid and it sticks on to the upper part of it effectively creating a crease. When this works, and when paired with fake eyelashes, this actually is really effective at giving them that dolly look they so love. When it doesn’t work there’s just an obvious weird adhesive strip on their eyelid. If you get too tired of the strips, however, you can also opt for plastic surgery that creates a permanent “double” eyelid.

I kind of wanted to try it myself just for kicks (would I end up with a TRIPLE eyelid? lol) but I decided not to because:

  1. I don’t really like messing around in the eye area. I haven’t even worn eyeshadow in like 6 months.
  2. CLEARLY as I already have a pretty deep eye crease it won’t work and just disappear behind my eyeball and make me extremely uncomfortable.

Anyway, I still think they’re super fascinating.

Also weird…

A full ARRAY of black toothbrushes apparently with some charcoal ceramic nanotechnology but which is …. at its core… a black toothbrush. Sorry, if this is ignorant, but how it cleaning if it already black?


MY MOROCCANOIL ARRIVED!!! YAYY!! I ordered the Moroccanoil Treatment and the Hydrating Mask on (Chinese Amazon/ Ebay), had to enlist the help of one of my Chinese-reading classmates in order to do so (Thanks Kristin!) and then had to deal with the confusion of delivery and the availability of items in my order over text messages with non-English speakers. An example: “” VERBATIM. WHAT???!!!!

Anyway it all worked out and I finally have what is SUPPOSED to be a proper moisturizing deep conditioner. I can’t wait to try it and give you my thoughts.

Also picked up some Schick Intuition razor cartridge replacements that were much needed. And got them at a steal of a deal. A $12.99 USD pack of 3 cartridges cost me less than $5.00 because of  the Chinese’ low demand for hair removal products. Literally the boxes had dust on them. Kathryn – 1, China – 0.

Wasn’t so lucky in MAC however. Got so wrapped up in today’s beauty bonanza (I also needed to go spraying myself with designer perfumes today for another article I’m writing…tough life…) I went in to try a Dazzleglass that a friend had recommended. It didn’t work out for me but then I tried another which I loved (completely forgetting that I have a Sephora gloss in a very similar glittery shade) and bought it excitedly for 200 RMB ($31.81 USD) before I remembered that I am going to the States in 4 weeks where I can buy the exact same item for $19.50.

Kathryn – 1, China -1.

Oh well you live and you learn. I still saved a little more on the razors than I lost on the lipgloss. Anyway I am now the proud owner of a MAC Dazzleglass in Date Night.

(Oh do you see Saskia peeking out there from my H & M Magazine. Didn’t buy anything but found a PERFECT New Year’s Eve dress for my upcoming New Orleans trip. It’s 499 RMB but I have my spies checking out the price in NYC for me to avoid certain mistakes again. Fool me once…)

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