Lust: NastyGal Spring 2013 Collection

Nastygal Collection Crop Circle Tee – $120.00 and First Contact Shorts – $95.00

If you don’t know by now is one of the most exciting online fashion companies to pop up in recent years. In addition to making something like an 1000% increase in sales in 2012 (not an exaggeration) the brand, headed up by business wunderkind Sophia Amoruso, also released its own brand of their signature vintage-y 90’s offerings.

The outfit above connected with me emotionally. When I saw it I immediately saw myself in it, in Brooklyn this summer.

Perhaps shades and a hat?

Riding a bike.

To an outdoor concert.

I was so invested in this fantasy that I found myself wondering where I was going to park my bike during the outdoor concert.

Can you blame me?? It’s everything I love in an outfit! A crop top, shorts, paneling,  and SHEER, SHEER, SHEER!!!

Come summertime look for me in Brooklyn.

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