1ndividual in 1taly

I went to Pisa y’all!


My longtime friend Lesley came to visit and flew in through Pisa so we decided to spend a very short time at the poorly constructed tower trying to get the perfect cheesy pics. We really wanted to do a 90’s Fresh Prince lean against the tower but it wasn’t working out so our best pictures are of us pretending to be monsters eating it.


The sweatshirt I’m wearing is by the 1ndividual Aesthetic designed and produced by the multitalent Keegan Simon. It was the only thing I wanted to buy at home when I was there in January and yet still waited until my last day to organize to get it. Long story short Keegz rolled up after 1 am the morning I was flying out (730 am flight) for us to make the exchange. I love it though. I’m wearing it as I write this actually.

Also wearing H&M wool hat, H&M ruffle skirt, 3 pairs of Calzedonia tights, Zara bag, Topshop sneakers.

If you hadn’t noticed sweatshirts, in all their round shouldered glory, are having a bit of a moment in fashion. From Kenzo to Balenciaga many brands are showing their sportier side. However my personal favorites have to be ironic fashion sweatshirts, ironic takes on luxury fashion, many of them with hip hop references.

Speaking of ironic I found a vintage Louis Vuitton ALL OVER brown logo print sweatshirt in a vintage shop here. I thought how perfectly ironic would this be, in this day and age where wearing luxury logos is so passe? Sadly, I then thought that most people wouldn’t get the irony, would possibly think I was just a fashion victim really into logos and judge me in their heads. I also couldn’t afford it.


songofstyle.blogspot.com wearing a Biggie sweatshirt that can be found on Urban Outfitters – $54.00 USD: http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=25957176
Sorry for the teeny pic. Hype Means Nothing sweatshirt – $93.00 USD. Also available in a variety of celebritees (see what I did there?) at http://www.hypemeansnothing.com
Grace Bones Sweatshirt – $98.00 USD from Brian Lichtenberg. http://www.brianlichtenberg.com
Ill Slander Tee from Conflict of Interest – $60.00 USD
Orange Homies Sweatshirt from Brian Lichtenberg – $98.00 USD at http://www.brianlichtenberg.com
Feline Sweatshirt also from Brian Lichtenberg. Also available in Canine for dog lovers and another C-word for Bajans. All at http://www.brianlichtenberg.com – $98.00 USD

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