New New: MSGM & 3 Floor

So I’m studying luxury so I have to admit my idea of what constitutes ‘affordable fashion’ has changed…a lot. I used to be the girl who would pick up a magazine and be like:

“Oh! The May ‘Affordable Issue’??? Score!! *reads italic sub header text* Nothing over $500??!!! Ssssstttteeeuuuuppppsssss*grumble, grumble, smugfashioneditorfreeclothesgettingbitch”

Now I’m much more like:

Oh! This doesn’t cost €1.900 (see my European influence there?)??!! What a deal!!

I have officially become that smug bitch. The irony is, I can’t even afford something that’s €30 at this point, which I have discovered is not affordable to the fashion world. It is simply cheap. (I for one still have no problem wearing cheap shit tho. Jus sayin)

Anyway my two new fashion brand discoveries are affordable yet not cheap.


MSGM is an Italian brand started in 2008 by designer Massimo Giorgetti and his Spring/Summer 2013 collection features many things I can’t ignore like colorful prints, short hemlines, and crazy patterned panthers!!!

Panther Printed Cotton Ottoman Dress – 313 Euro at
MSGM Ikat Print Jacquard Shorts – 217 Euro at MSGM Panther Print Top.
MSGM Printed Dress. Similar at
MSGM Printed Chiffon Maxi Dress at 583.00 Euro.

Three Floor

Three Floor is a British brand launched as recently as 2011. Their designs for Spring blend a pastiche of futuristic fabrics, sheer panelling, and strategic cutouts, as well as the craziest feathered cap since Robin Hood.

Glitterati Dress – 120 GBP.
Good To Be Bad Skirt – 110 GBP
Metallic For All Dress – 108.00 GBP

Images Courtesy Luisaviaroma, Three Floor and MSGM.

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