Falling for Fall

Kathryn's Fall Picks

I’ve never been too into Fall Fashion. To me coats and jackets were just things i threw on over my clothes so I didn’t die while waiting for Spring.

But something happened this year that has made me really appreciate the beauty of outerwear and I’m actually excited about the approach of Fall (even as we’re having lovely unusually warm October days – clearly I can’t be pleased). Above – my recipe for a perfect Fall wardrobe.

1. Quilted sweatshirt – I think quilted accessories are a bit too classic for me but transfer the same finish to a sporty sweatshirt and I’m in love. This one is from Rag & Bone.

2. Leather moto jacket – Right now this is pretty much a wardrobe staple. If you, like me, cannot afford real leather, this one from Zara is a great faux option.

3. Masculine boxy coat – No sexy feminine silhouettes or waist cinching belts here. This season’s boxy androgynous coats feel super modern. This is from Zara as well.

4. Gold ID Chain Choker – Topshop has a great one in store that I couldn’t find online. But I still love a heavy gold chain.

5. Boots with gold details – Whether it’s a sleek riding boot or a weathered cut out bootie, goldtone hardware adds some funkiness and visual interest to what might be everyday boots. The riding boots are Zara; the bootie is Steve Madden.

6. Leather shorts – I drank the fashion Koolaid and am now convinced that leather or pleather shorts (of a certain conservative length and paired with dark tights) are Perfectly Practical for Fall. Please don’t try to convince me otherwise.

7. Matchy-Matchy outfits – I am going to go wayyy deep into my love for matchy-matchy outfits in an upcoming post. But this bejeweled bomber and skirt from (of course) Zara just make me happy on a really profound level.

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