By Gigi and Nini Designs

I’ve been getting subtle signs recently that I should take steps to formalize my blog. You know stuff like create a real logo, buy a domain, customize the template etc. But I’ve been hesitant for a lot of reasons, mostly cause having a .com would be a lot more pressure to post regularly.

Last week, one of my Instagram friends in my head Giselle, over at Gigi and Nini Designs, who’s a designer who always has fun experimenting with handwriting, played around with the title of my blog in her gorgeous script and it really started me thinking even more.

I mean, I’ve already made some small changes. As you can see, I’ve currently moved to a cleaner aesthetic for the blog which kind of blends with the more fashion oriented approach I want to take. The blog started pretty much chronicling my journey around the world, but as I narrow down what I’m interested in showcasing, I’m worried that I lose the friends and followers that I had when I had a crazy China story every two days.

But, thinking about it from the other end, I love blogs. And I especially love them when those bloggers seem like real people and show an evolution over the life of the blog. One of my favourite things to do when I find a blog I like is go back to the first posts to see who that person was before they got exposure. I remember my excitement in finding The Man Repeller 3 years ago and am so proud (yes, proud) to see how she has grown to be a true unique voice (complete with book deal), and to see how she’s streamlined her look into this really sophisticated individual style. One of my other favourite bloggers, Karla Deras, of Karla’s Closet, wrote just this week, that her readers seem to expect her to stay true to one thing, but ultimately, she’s young and growing and changing and can only be true to herself.

So perhaps, in this transition, while I figure out what this transition even is (I really want this blog to be more personal style focused BUT no one will take pictures of meeeee) I may lose some followers, but I’ll probably gain some in the long run as long as I stick with it.

4 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. A quick message from the one follower you’re not going to lose…
    LOVE the new look already and excited to see where you’ll take Cities and islands! I know you’ll do well.

    P.S. No one will take pictures of me either!

  2. This my dear, is so it. Thanks first of all for the highlight. I too feel the same as you do. I’ve been trying to dodge the pressure of frequent updates but if I’m to get ahead, it simply is a must. What should or should not make it on the blog is another question. I’m here to see your growth and through it you will gain the followers and supporters. Whoever falls off, well, they weren’t meant to be here. 😉

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