the cANYAval POP UP shop Launch (pic heavy)

IMG_3081IMG_3034IMG_3051IMG_3053IMG_3039IMG_3037IMG_3066IMG_3091IMG_3064IMG_3087IMG_3058IMG_3111IMG_3114IMG_3099IMG_3103IMG_3105IMG_3123IMG_3149IMG_3154IMG_3155IMG_3161IMG_3163IMG_3164IMG_3167IMG_3170IMG_3174IMG_3177IMG_3182IMG_3185IMG_3219IMG_3234IMG_3238IMG_3240IMG_3259IMG_3254IMG_3268 IMG_3270IMG_3249 Last week Thursday, Anya Ayoung Chee hosted the launch of her cANYAval POP UP shop at Meiling’s (6 Carlos Street, Woodbrook). The cANYAval shop was conceptualized as a one stop shop for all cANYAval (Carnival) needs from printed tees to jewelry to embellished Monday Wear. Any has teamed up with a team of great local designers including Sanian Lewis of Sanianitos, Elena Molchanova and Nick Salloum of SAYSM, Keegan Simon of the 1ndividual Aesthetic, Keisha Als and Lisa Henry of Liilah resort wear and all the designers showed up to introduce guests to their great lines of cANYAval needs.

Oh. My Immortelle Beauty products are in there too. Perfect products for your feet’s POST cANYAval needs.

Kyle got some great behind the scenes set up pictures and I think the images really capture the tone of the event and the bubbly expectant cANYAval energy that was there.

If you haven’t visited the cANYAval POP UP shop yet…what are you waiting for?? It’s open daily until cANYAval Sunday at Meiling at 6 Carlos Street, Woodbrook.

Photography: Kyle Walcott

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