Revisiting 2014 – Gasparee Caves

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It’s been months since I posted on the blog because I’ve been super busy relaunching my business, Immortelle Beauty, teaching and working on other fun projects. It’s been really hard to schedule my shoots and balance all of that but its 2015 and i’m gonna try again cause I really miss it.

I decided to start off by posting some images that have been gathering dust in my Dropbox.

My friend Trixie wanted to go to the Gasparee Caves for her birthday so I organized a little DDI (Down D’ Islands for my non Trini readers) tour and trip. It’s hard to stay cute with the threat of slippery bat guano but it was a great time all the same. I had never been to the caves and if you haven’t either, I strongly recommend it.

Apologies for the darkness of some of the images. Caves aren’t usually characterized by great photography conditions. Cause they’re dark.

Just like with Tobago, every time I go DDI, I think, “Why don’t I do this more often”. These particular limestone caves are so awesomely unique, and it reminds me, once again, how blessed we are to have a little bit of everything on this island.

Photography: Kyle Walcott Photography

White Cover Up; Adrian Foster

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