How do you do this again?


I’m baacckkkkk!!

After a ridiculously long hiatus, I am back on the  blogging train, in a move to do more of the things that I am passionate about and which make me happy. I first started the blog as most people know it now (the travel and local posts) when I wasn’t feeling the greatest about myself and slowly as the blog took more shape,working on it helped rebuild my confidence. However I was still really focused on other people’s opinion of it (and by extension me) and at some point that really overtook my personal feelings about it, and I started working on it less, and ended up working on other people’s work more.

Cut to 14 months later and I’m realizing that other people’s work isn’t really fulfilling me and I need to eliminate a lot (all? a girl can dream…) in order to focus on what grows my brands. The quickest easiest step was to start making more time for the blog, which means reconfiguring how I conceptualized outfit posts and sacrificing sleeping late on a Sunday to hop in my truck and go on adventures throughout Trinidad with Kyle.

Also, that whole other people’s opinions part? I really couldn’t give less of a fuck at this point. While I came back from that sour place I had mentioned a couple years ago, my IDGAF-ness was the last thing to come back, but it is there full force as I fight battles every day for career autonomy, respect of my time (as a freelancer who has their own small business, my time is more valuable to me than gold) and eliminate things in my professional and personal life that really don’t work for me any more.

I also listened to Beyoncé’s Lemonade on repeat maybe, 30,000 times, so that should tell you where my headspace is (middle finger stays up).

That all being said, we have been creating some great content for the blog which I’m focusing in three main areas now: Travel (both domestic and foreign), Style and Beauty (duh). I really hope you enjoy what we do and I’m really looking forward to giving you a glimpse into my adventures!

Photography: Kyle Walcott Photography

Top: Zara, Culottes: Meiling, Shoes: Steve Madden, Cuffs: Zara

10 thoughts on “How do you do this again?

  1. Kathryn I love this outfit, you and this blogpost tremendously. I can definitely relate to the feeling at times but I constantly press on even if it means snail like movements. Looking forward to other great posts my dear. God Bless and loads of showers of success to you and your brand. Xo!

  2. Outside of being one of my favorite clients for a product I also love, I did miss your style blog as well. Yours is the only personal style blog I like and follow besides the Manrepeller. ~ welcome back gorgeous 🙂

  3. In case you didn’t know.- You are an inspiration in more ways than one! Thank you for sharing your fashion sense and the realness of all your posts.. I am super excited to get your notifications again!

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