Bag Lady Basics in Montreal

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I haven’t posted on this blog in a lonnnggg time. About 90% of that has to do with the fact that I’ve been slightly overwhelmed with work, and the other 10% has to do with a constant internal struggle I have about what it means to be fashionable on an island.

Living on in Trinidad is very like living in a fishbowl and I’m overly concerned with appropriateness, for both climate and occasion. So every time I get dressed to leave my house I am a huge student of the Coco Chanel school of, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing (or two or three … or change your outfit entireley) off.” My primary concern these days have been being true to myself comfortably, not making a statement, on purpose for the benefit of others.

However, when I look at event pics I realize that some people’s understanding of being fashionable in Trinidad is to “JESS”!! In other words, put on the loudest most attention grabbing kit of LIFE with hopes that you will be photographed by David Wears and end up in the Metro the following Friday. That’s just not me. My sartorial life lies between the parties and events, my everyday, what I wear to work, to teach classes, and to go to the bank. And so I haven’t been posting anything because I jus feel that people probably look at my blog and think…”Dat eh no oufit!” and it’s made me super self conscious as of late.

This is why I think it’s fitting that my first post in 6 months should be outside of Trinidad, and should be of me wearing a rbrand that nobody probably would guess is local. Bag Lady Basics is a line of basic dresses, co-founded by Trini Shanya Greene, but yet is so anti-Trini girl fashion that it’s extremely refreshing! The denim dress I’m wearing is neither overtly sexy, nor grannyish and it’s cocoon shape is comfortable enough for a whole day walkabout Montreal. As I said, it’s not overtly sexy, but it’s subtly so, with it’s button up (or down in my case) silhouette, low neckline and rounded hem.

I know it’s definitely not an aesthetic that a lot of island girls will adopt, and Bag Lady Basics knows this, and perhaps that’s what make it’s simplicity so audacious. For those few of us who it does speak to, it speaks VOLUMES.

Dress:  Sleeveles Shirt Dress courtesy Bag Lady Basics | Shoes: Lida Espadrilles by Sam Edelman | Fishtail Body Chain: by Baublebar | Raise the Bar Body Chain by Nastygal

3 thoughts on “Bag Lady Basics in Montreal

  1. I love it. You look most appropriate. I always say people with great personalities can wear anything, they are great clothes hangers, boring people can’t. Nuff said.

  2. Love this line. Have two I’m waiting to wear. I’m definitely feeling you on all of this. I’ve gotten so disenchanted with fashion, and local fashion, these last few months. My go-to style on a weekend these days is a black maxi and a kimono, or a loose tee and shorts. I canth anymore. There is no strength left in my body. Lol.

  3. Listen! Girl, be you. Nuh busy wid nuh baddi *in Jamaican patois*
    Your style isn’t the aesthetic that many island girls will adopt and that’s okay. Your style is for you and not for others to understand.

    Love your photos as usual … and lawd, you need to share some travel photos girl, love those.

    Enjoy your trip and great photos!

    Xx, Carey

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