Carnival 2015 – in which we missed the Socadrome

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Many people asked me why they didn’t really see me this Carnival. And the above is the reason why. An overlong photo shoot that led to a domino effect of events that resulted in me being on the road for only three hours on Carnival Tuesday. But I loved this costume. The arm wings were so dramatic, I couldn’t get over them, and same for my friend Hannah’s luxurious cape/dress hybrid.

The costume has always been my favourite part of Carnival (which makes sense, since clothes are my favourite part of life) but I think when you’re sacrificing the actual experience because you’re luxuriating at HOME in the costume, you officially have a problem.

It’s officially a month since Carnival which means it’s coming around in just 11 months again. To foreigners and diaspora that sounds like FOR-EH-VER but to Trinidadians, Carnival is happening all the time (between band launch season, registration etc.) and it sneaks up on us before we even know it. I, like everyone else, is looking forward to next year, but I am also hoping to take my time enjoying it more, and really be part of the experience, instead of (quite literally) letting it pass me by.

Photography: Kyle Walcott Photography

Friends: Nichola and Hannah

Costume: Luxe by Anya Ayoung Chee

Boots: My lace up boots are from They are no longer available. I know this because when I put them on the truck on Carnival Tuesday evening, and changed into my old faithful flat boots, I was pretty sure I would never see them again, but they cost $36.oo so I could just repurchase. So I thought. Completely sold out. Hoping they restock next year.

3 thoughts on “Carnival 2015 – in which we missed the Socadrome

  1. We too missed the Socadrome and only spent a fraction of the day on Tue on the road but contrary to most that said we didn’t jump out our money, it was excellent just the way it went. Love everything about these pics. The colours are lovely on your skin tones. One year I wish to play in heels, it is the only Carnival fantasy I am yet to live out.

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